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It’s just one thing after another. Could this be it? :(

Posted by: | February 26, 2018 | 4 Comments |

For the last 2 days Zuko has been pretty constipated. A few nuggets would peak out but it seems as though his large intestine isn’t moving his poop along. I gave him an enema the other day and that helped a little – a few nuggets came out but his tummy was so bloated and I could feel all the poop that was still in there. That night he was all fussy and couldn’t sleep which meant I didn’t sleep either.

I brought him in to see my vet yesterday and we took an X-ray to see what was going on and for sure he had massive amounts of poop that hasn’t moved. So what we did was try to flush it all out! we took a fecal probe to stick in his bum to get things moving and put some water in there to flush it out and sooooooo much poop came out. At first it was nuggets and then it was just diarrhea. My vet said not to be alarmed if there was some blood coming out with the poop because we just irritated his GI. He is still on antibiotics from his UTI so that would help. I stayed there for 2-3 hours just lightly massaging his tummy to get things moving so he could poop it all out. However, just when I thought it was over, as I was carrying him out, more poop came out! Good thing I had a big cardboard box that he could lay on and I put a trash bag on top with a few puppy pads. Once I got home I fixed his area with puppy pads and then I rinsed him off before I put him down. I offered him water and some of his cancer diet food that consists of chicken, beef liver, and a medley of vegetables with cottage cheese (which he loves!) but he didn’t want any of it. I thought he was just tired from everything that was going so Ieft him alone. He was finally comfortable enough to sleep. After resting for a bit, I offered him some food and water again but he only drank a little bit of water. Since he wasn’t really been drinking Ive been giving him some SQ fluids to keep him hydrated. He seemed pretty down and very lethargic so I asked him if he wanted to go outside and he jumped up and was pretty much pulling us as we were walking outside! but was we were walking more poop decided it wanted to come out so he want dripping everywhere.

It’s been about 24 hours since it all happened and he’s still pooping out diarrhea every few hours but his tummy isn’t bloated or hard anymore. He hasn’t eaten since though. He’s interested but doesn’t want to eat. Before flushing it out, he was still eating! despite how bloated and backed up he was, he still wanted to eat. He still isn’t drinking much water but he is drinking a little more than when I first brought him home. Since he hasn’t been eating its been difficult giving him his medications because he’d just take it with food no problem but now, I have to shove it down his throat and for not feeling so great, he still puts up a good fight.

I don’t know what to do or what to think. My vet said its just going to get worse because the paralysis is starting to affect his bowel movements now but to just see how he does. He also recommended that I take him on more walks and to the beach to get his GI moving. When I took him for a short walk yesterday he loved that and was just full of energy but with him not eating and still pooping out diarrhea, I don’t know how to move forward.

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  1. By: dobemom on February 26, 2018 at 12:17 pm      Reply

    sorry to hear this is going on….have you tried canned pumpkin? That is supposed to help with GI issues. just throwing it out there, hope he’s feeling better.

    Paula and Warrior Angel Nitro

  2. By: donna on February 27, 2018 at 1:35 am      Reply

    Does he eat dry food? This could be a response to that. If you change his diet to incorporate more wet food it may stop. Same thing happened to my dog. He was peeing what appeared to be blood blood. I changed his diet to proper uncooked meat and it stopped.

  3. By: benny55 on February 27, 2018 at 2:12 pm      Reply

    Oh Zuko, sweet, sweet Zuko. I’m sure after all the “crap” that you’ve had to deal with these past few days (literally and figuratively), you do feel like crap!! Your little tummy just can’t feel all that good right now.

    On top of that, you’re taking meds without food, so that doesn’t make your tummy feel good either. Ugh!

    It IS good that you get excited about going for a walk! And the fact that you seem to want to eat is good too. Now we just have to figure out what special yummy food we can use to entice you to eat!

    Stinky foods like liverwurst might be good to try. Of course, bacon and eggs, grilled cheese, cheese pizza…all these might be good to try. I know you want to stick to good nutrition, but for now, it’s just about getting him to eat.

    Once you get some solids back in him, then maybe his poop will firm up better.

    PLEASE keep us updated. You are doing such an incredible job caring for Zuko. He KNOWS how very much you love him. We all do. No one could do more. In fact, most wouldn’t even do one-tenth what you are doing. Your care for Zuko is absolutely exquisite!!

    Keep these sweet pictures coming. He has such a smoochable mug. I know he’s not feeling quite up to snuff in this pictures, but he looks content and comfortable…..and ADORABLE!!

    Love and hugs

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  4. By: jerry on February 27, 2018 at 2:41 pm      Reply

    Zuko you sweet boy I just want to plant a kiss on your muzzle. I hope by now you are feeling better and on the mend.

    Mom, you are doing all you can do and you are AMAZING. Your dedication and courage in the face of so many tough times is remarkable.

    The best thing is to keep taking things day by day. Hopefully this is what he needed to start feeling better and eating again. Keep us posted OK?

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