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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to our Tripawd family!

Thank you guys so much for all the support! I honestly don’t know where we would be and how I would cope without you all.

Things have been going great on our end. Zuko is still trooping along and has been doing better at not making accidents when we’re not home. We also had a relief vet come in while our regular vet was on vacation and our regular vet actually told me to talk to him and get his opinion and advice about Zuko’s condition and medications. As far as his condition, the relief vet said the same thing – it’s not likely that he’d improve and everything that we’re doing right now is more of palliative care. He also advised to take him off the metacam and have him on tramadol (50mg 2x/day) instead.

I am definitely so happy that Zuko still has that big ‘ol smile on his face and still has the drive to want to play and chase cats. Lately, it has been very hard working at the clinic. There have been sooooo many dogs that come in and just remind me of Zuko – dogs with cancer, dogs that are paralyzed from the waist down and are incontinent. Going through the motions with the owners and hearing the heartbreak in their voice when deciding to put them to sleep and going through the process with them just takes so much out of me. It makes me think of my situation with Zuko and how easy it is to forget about it since he’s still so happy despite his condition.

But enough of all the sadness! Here are some photos with Zuko at the Christmas lights! 🙂


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Off to the park we go!

Posted by: | December 18, 2017 | 4 Comments |

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Although he isn’t able to walk on his own, Zuko does loooooovvee the outdoors so I brought him to the park today 🙂

It wasn’t all smooth sailing though. Since he became paralyzed, he hasn’t been able to control his bowel movements so he’s been pooping at random and today was no different. While we were sitting down he started pooping and it smeared aaallll over his bum. He didn’t even try to move 🙁 but its okay, I was prepared!… well, somewhat haha

Besides that, it was a nice day. He saw old friends, met new people, and got to smell all kinds of new things!

But something happened today that really touched me. There was a group of people that approached me, asking all kinds of questions about Zuko, how he was doing, and complimented on how handsome he is. They continued to just observe us and right before we left they complimented me on how devoted I was and how much of a big heart I must have for trying to do my best in caring for Zuko despite my young age and having no other support.

I didn’t even know what to say but Thank You.

Things have been quite difficult lately so hearing that made me tear up. I’m the type of person that likes to internalize all my struggles or just play things down but for someone that doesn’t know me, to just come up to me and say all those kind words — I can’t even describe how appreciated I felt at that moment

I definitely try my best to make sure Zuko is happy and as long as that big ‘ol smile is on his face, I will sacrifice whatever to keep him that way 🙂

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Beach Day was a success!!

Posted by: | December 15, 2017 | 3 Comments |


With all the bad news lately, Zuko and I definitely needed a de-stress day.

So, off to the beach we went!

His life jacket from ruffwear worked wonderfully! He had the best time! Since he lost use of his remaining back leg and control of his bladder and bowel movements, he doesn’t go out as much and needs constant assistance to do anything but today he could finally do something all by himself and he loved it! He didn’t want to leave 🙂





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..and the cancer has spread

Posted by: | December 15, 2017 | 7 Comments |

Yesterday morning I brought Zuo in to see his vet before he leaves for the holidays. We did an X-ray of that growth we spotted on his rib before and it is confirmed —— the growth is cancerous and it has spread to his lungs as well. I knew he didn’t have a lot of time left with all the other ailments he has but just hearing that today really crushed me. I don’t know what to do or how to deal with all of this moving forward. I just hope he gets through the holidays.

When would I know its his time? Do I wait till things takes a turn for the worst or let him go while he’s still his happy, goofy self and just plan out days of pure adventure for him? He is happy for the most part and he wants sooooo badly to just run and play and chase cats that even if I put him down just for a minute to tie my hair, he goes bolting off, dragging his poor leg haha

I brought him to the beach this morning and he did so great! New post on that with photos later today!


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It has been 7 months since Zuko’s amputation of his left hind leg due to osteosarcoma. He recovered VERY well and handled chemo like a champ! I was amazed at how well he was doing. He was just starting to get his groove back and I was so excited to finally have some sense of normalcy again.

However, just 3 weeks ago, while I was off touring vet schools and doing interviews, he somehow injured his right hind leg. He’s been very unstable when walking and has been having trouble keeping himself up. His dad brought him in to my vet and was advised that he stay and be on cage rest. He was there for about a week and came home once I got back from my trip. X-rays were also done but everything looks fine! There isn’t any issues with his hip or knee/stifle and, upon palpation of the leg, he didn’t seem to be in any pain. He is able to walk but he just seems to be having a hard time bearing his weight and I could tell he definitely lost a good amount of muscle mass on his leg too.

After about a day or two at home, how he was positioning his leg when walking was better and he seemed to have cheered up a bit! but not toolong after, things seemed to go down hill. He didn’t really want to eat – I had to find various table foods that he liked to encourage him to eat. He would have these episodes were he’d breathe heavily like he’s hot but he’d also be shivering as if he was cold and his abdomen just felt very tense.

He was able to see his vet earlier this week and he’s on new meds. His demeanor has definitely improved, his tummy isn’t tense anymore but now he’s not using his hind leg at all. He also seem to have a loss of proprioception on the leg as well but when I pinch between his toes, he’s able to move his leg. His dad also said he used his leg to scratch his face (I have yet to see this). Although we aren’t able to get an MRI, my vet says these symptoms are indicative of a spinal issue.

My vet also lent me a wheelchair for him yesterday and so far he isn’t too keen on using it lol

We’ll see how things go within the next few days and keep everyone updated!

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