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A few hours after my last post Zuko started becoming interested in food! specifically chicken so I got him some to eat and he seemed to be getting back to normal. The next day I worked a full day at the clinic so I dropped him off to my ex’s place in the morning since my ex was off. When I dropped him he was fine. He was happy and drinking water. I came back during my lunch break and he seemed back to normal – He stopped having diarrhea and was starting to eat. It seemed as thought his spark came back. I fed him a good amount of chicken but not too much to possibly upset his tummy. When I left he was all smile as usual.

After my shift ended, I went to go pick him up and once I got there my ex had told me that Zuko threw up everything he had eaten at lunch and he continued to throw up just clear saliva-like liquid with piece of his food. I put him in my car and rushed to the vet before my vet goes home and I tried to contact him but to no avail.

I just brought him home and I cried and I loved on him. I knew it was his time so I called my ex to come and we both were there when he passed. It was horrible and I knew he was in pain. This was not how it was supposed to be. We were supposed to have one last day at the beach and just do things together then he would go to sleep and pass without feeling the pain of dying.

I feel I failed him. I should have known. I just… I thought he was getting better.

I don’t know how to get through this. I don’t know what to do anymore or how to move forward.

He was my heart and I lost him. A part of me is gone and a piece of my heart was just ripped out 🙁


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Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

For the last 2 days Zuko has been pretty constipated. A few nuggets would peak out but it seems as though his large intestine isn’t moving his poop along. I gave him an enema the other day and that helped a little – a few nuggets came out but his tummy was so bloated and I could feel all the poop that was still in there. That night he was all fussy and couldn’t sleep which meant I didn’t sleep either.

I brought him in to see my vet yesterday and we took an X-ray to see what was going on and for sure he had massive amounts of poop that hasn’t moved. So what we did was try to flush it all out! we took a fecal probe to stick in his bum to get things moving and put some water in there to flush it out and sooooooo much poop came out. At first it was nuggets and then it was just diarrhea. My vet said not to be alarmed if there was some blood coming out with the poop because we just irritated his GI. He is still on antibiotics from his UTI so that would help. I stayed there for 2-3 hours just lightly massaging his tummy to get things moving so he could poop it all out. However, just when I thought it was over, as I was carrying him out, more poop came out! Good thing I had a big cardboard box that he could lay on and I put a trash bag on top with a few puppy pads. Once I got home I fixed his area with puppy pads and then I rinsed him off before I put him down. I offered him water and some of his cancer diet food that consists of chicken, beef liver, and a medley of vegetables with cottage cheese (which he loves!) but he didn’t want any of it. I thought he was just tired from everything that was going so Ieft him alone. He was finally comfortable enough to sleep. After resting for a bit, I offered him some food and water again but he only drank a little bit of water. Since he wasn’t really been drinking Ive been giving him some SQ fluids to keep him hydrated. He seemed pretty down and very lethargic so I asked him if he wanted to go outside and he jumped up and was pretty much pulling us as we were walking outside! but was we were walking more poop decided it wanted to come out so he want dripping everywhere.

It’s been about 24 hours since it all happened and he’s still pooping out diarrhea every few hours but his tummy isn’t bloated or hard anymore. He hasn’t eaten since though. He’s interested but doesn’t want to eat. Before flushing it out, he was still eating! despite how bloated and backed up he was, he still wanted to eat. He still isn’t drinking much water but he is drinking a little more than when I first brought him home. Since he hasn’t been eating its been difficult giving him his medications because he’d just take it with food no problem but now, I have to shove it down his throat and for not feeling so great, he still puts up a good fight.

I don’t know what to do or what to think. My vet said its just going to get worse because the paralysis is starting to affect his bowel movements now but to just see how he does. He also recommended that I take him on more walks and to the beach to get his GI moving. When I took him for a short walk yesterday he loved that and was just full of energy but with him not eating and still pooping out diarrhea, I don’t know how to move forward.

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Zuko is peeing blood :( Help!!

Posted by: | February 11, 2018 | 10 Comments |

On Friday when I expressed his bladder I noticed a very strong smell to his urine and it was bright yellow. I brought a sample to my vet and they said it was a UTI and he was given TMS 480mg BID for 10 days and have him drink cranberry juice. His pee was fine for the rest of the day but on Saturday when I got out of work at around 2pm, when I expressed his bladder, there was blood in his urine! and it still had that horrid smell. I definitely was terrified but I know blood in urine is normal for a UTI so I thought, ” okay, lets give the antibiotics a chance to kick in.” It is Sunday night right now and his urine is getting concentrated with blood. Its scary and Im getting really worried. Im not sure if UTIs make their urine this bloody.

I was thinking of taking him to the vet tomorrow but another part of me was thinking I should give the medications a chance. Any suggestions?

Right now he’s taking:

AM: Tramadol 50mg, TMS 480mg, and Dexamethasone 1.5mg

PM: Tramadol 50mg, TMS 480mg, and Metacam 5mg

We just recently added the metacam back into his regime. He seemed a little painful and was restless at night so my vet added the metacam and said that with the tramadol would be a good combination. I voiced my concerns about him taking a steroid (Dex) with an NSAID (Metacam) and was told it wouldn’t be a big issue.

It was like this last night.           And this is what it looks like now


Still has that big ‘ol smile tho 🙂


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to our Tripawd family!

Thank you guys so much for all the support! I honestly don’t know where we would be and how I would cope without you all.

Things have been going great on our end. Zuko is still trooping along and has been doing better at not making accidents when we’re not home. We also had a relief vet come in while our regular vet was on vacation and our regular vet actually told me to talk to him and get his opinion and advice about Zuko’s condition and medications. As far as his condition, the relief vet said the same thing – it’s not likely that he’d improve and everything that we’re doing right now is more of palliative care. He also advised to take him off the metacam and have him on tramadol (50mg 2x/day) instead.

I am definitely so happy that Zuko still has that big ‘ol smile on his face and still has the drive to want to play and chase cats. Lately, it has been very hard working at the clinic. There have been sooooo many dogs that come in and just remind me of Zuko – dogs with cancer, dogs that are paralyzed from the waist down and are incontinent. Going through the motions with the owners and hearing the heartbreak in their voice when deciding to put them to sleep and going through the process with them just takes so much out of me. It makes me think of my situation with Zuko and how easy it is to forget about it since he’s still so happy despite his condition.

But enough of all the sadness! Here are some photos with Zuko at the Christmas lights! 🙂


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Off to the park we go!

Posted by: | December 18, 2017 | 4 Comments |

Although he isn’t able to walk on his own, Zuko does loooooovvee the outdoors so I brought him to the park today 🙂

It wasn’t all smooth sailing though. Since he became paralyzed, he hasn’t been able to control his bowel movements so he’s been pooping at random and today was no different. While we were sitting down he started pooping and it smeared aaallll over his bum. He didn’t even try to move 🙁 but its okay, I was prepared!… well, somewhat haha

Besides that, it was a nice day. He saw old friends, met new people, and got to smell all kinds of new things!

But something happened today that really touched me. There was a group of people that approached me, asking all kinds of questions about Zuko, how he was doing, and complimented on how handsome he is. They continued to just observe us and right before we left they complimented me on how devoted I was and how much of a big heart I must have for trying to do my best in caring for Zuko despite my young age and having no other support.

I didn’t even know what to say but Thank You.

Things have been quite difficult lately so hearing that made me tear up. I’m the type of person that likes to internalize all my struggles or just play things down but for someone that doesn’t know me, to just come up to me and say all those kind words — I can’t even describe how appreciated I felt at that moment

I definitely try my best to make sure Zuko is happy and as long as that big ‘ol smile is on his face, I will sacrifice whatever to keep him that way 🙂

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